Our undergraduate courses provide you with an opportunity to study the foundation and development of Islamic knowledge from a broad and multidisciplinary perspective. The course includes core modules on Islamic studies, while giving you the flexibility to choose from a broad selection of related courses on Islam and Muslim society.


Our postgraduate courses offer students the opportunity to gain comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of Islam in both historical and modern contexts. It also engages students with some of the central issues confronting Muslims and Muslim societies today.

Distance Learning

We offer a range of postgraduate programmes via our powerful e-learning platform. Our distance programmes provide an incredible flexibility for both students and academics. Students can join their desired courses without being pressured by the time and location restrictions.

Short Courses

The Islamic College offers a number of short learning programmes where learners study their chosen subject/s following an academic approach but without the requirement of a formal assessment. The short courses consist of different individual modules that can be completed within few weeks. On completion of course, students will receive an in-house certificate.

Traditional Hawza Studies

Through the traditional teachings of the Islamic Disciplines, the Traditional Hawza Study provides students with an in depth understanding of the vast Islamic Sciences whilst also enabling them to tackle contemporary issues and challenges faced by Muslims in the West.