Research & Publications

The Research and Publications Department promotes analysis of Islam and Muslims in both historical and contemporary contexts. Our research covers, but is not limited to, Qur’an and hadith studies, theology, philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence, ethics, politics, and history. Through our publications division, ICAS Press, we have to date published over 70 important scholarly works, and for the last nine years we have also been publishing the Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies (JSIS), a quarterly refereed academic journal.

The main activities of the Research and Publications Department are as follows:

  • the translation of classical Islamic texts into the English language;
  • publishing works expressing the thought, faith, and history of Shi‘a Islam;
  • researching subjects relevant to modern Islamic society;
  • publishing the Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies;
  • organising research seminars and conferences at the Islamic College, creating a forum for discussing topics of contemporary relevance, and inviting renowned scholars and researchers to share their research projects with academic staff and students.

The Research and Publications Department is also in the process of making the Islamic College library the biggest and most comprehensive library of Shi‘a Islamic thought in the whole of Europe. Currently, the College library boasts thousands of books, journals, and pamphlets.

ICAS Press

ICAS Press was established in 1999 as the publication branch of the Islamic College in order to promote Islamic scholarship. The books published by ICAS Press reflect the intellectual vitality of the lecturers at the Islamic College and other scholars around the world to whom ICAS Press commissions work. ICAS Press has published award-winning works on Qur’an and hadith studies, Islamic law, philosophy, mysticism, theology, ethics, and history.

Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies (JSIS)

The Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies (JSIS) is a refereed academic journal published by ICAS Press for the Islamic College in London. The journal conscientiously aims to provide a scholarly platform for critical and informed articles in all fields of Shi‘a studies including theology, philosophy, mysticism, law, jurisprudence, history, Qur’an and Hadith studies.