MIN 407 – Authority in Shi’a Islam



• The concept of imama and different kinds of authority vested in the Imam
• The debate about the succession of Muhammad in early Islam
• The emergence of early Shi’i groups: Zaydis, proto-twelvers and Isma’ilis
• The occultation of the Twelfth Imam and the crisis of authority among Shi’as
• The stages of development of the concept of al-wilaya al-‘amma (all-inclusive authority) and delegation of legal and political authority to jurisconsults
• Al-Khumaini and the articulation of the concept of walayat al-faqih
• Safavid dynasty: adoption of Shi’ism as state religion
• Rational v. Traditional and the Akhbari-Usuli dispute
• The establishment of the institution of Marja’i al-taqlid in the 19th century
• Shi’ism in modern times: Iran, Iraq and Lebanon

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Assessment Modes
Individual coursework of 3500 words demonstrating ability to debate and explore ideas.

Assessment Weighting
Individual coursework: 100%

Learning materials

Core readings
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