Name: M.S Bahmanpour
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Faculty Bio

Advanced Seminary (Hawza) Studies & MA Sociology (Allameh Tabatabel) While turning in his studies from Mechanical Engineering at Queen Mary College to sociology at LSE he developed a deep interest in religious studies. This interest eventually led him to the seminary in Qum, the most renowned centre for Shiite studies where he was absorbed to different branches of Islamic studies. After progressing to the Advanced Seminary level, he was invited to teach at the University of Cambridge, department of Oriental Studies, where he taught for three years before moving to the Islamic College. Apart from his academic pursuit, he is interested in script writing. He is well known for writing the script for the acclaimed movie and television series St Mary.


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Module Code Module Type Module Title Instructor Semester Days Program Credits Prerequisites
MIN 401 Core Sources of Islamic knowledge (The Quran and Hadith) M.S Bahmanpour 2 MA Islamic Studies 30 none
MIN 405 Designated Islamic Mysticism M.S Bahmanpour 2 MA Islamic Studies 15 none
MIN 407 Designated Authority in Shi’a Islam M.S Bahmanpour 2 MA Islamic Studies 15 none