Name: Mohammed Ali Ismail
Title/Position: Director of Research and Publications
Department: Research and Publications
Specialties: Quran and Hadith, Islamic Law
Contact Email:

Faculty Bio

Shaykh Mohammed Ali Ismail, from Peterborough, graduated in Law. He then went to Qum, Iran where he studied in the Hawza for ten years, specialising in Qur’an and Hadith Studies. While in Qum, he regularly taught on short courses and was Manager of the World Federation Islamic Education Board’s Qum Office for three years. Having graduated from the Hawza in 2007, he went on to qualify as a professional teacher by completing the Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Portsmouth. He then moved to Damascus, Syria where for two years he taught and trained future Ministers of Religion at the Islamic Institute for Post Graduate Studies. Shaykh Mohammed Ali resettled in the UK in 2010 and is currently Director of Research and Publications and a lecturer and editor at The Islamic College. He also conducts Personal Development Courses in Islamic fields of study and lectures in Islamic centres.


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Module Code Module Type Module Title Instructor Semester Days Program Credits Prerequisites
HSC114 Core Islamic Laws Mohammed Ali Ismail 1 --- BA Hawza Studies 10 none
HSD220 Designated Thematic Exegesis Mohammed Ali Ismail 1/2 --- BA Hawza Studies 10 Qur’anic Sciences and Approaches to Exegesis (HSC117)